Traditional Ancient Thai Massage

The Traditional Ancient Thai Massage involves the physical manipulation, adjustment and correction of the body to help decrease muscle soreness and spasms, to increase passive range of motion and to increase blood flow to the muscles in the area. It is a healing system that combines acupressure and assisted Yoga postures.

Therapeutic Thai Massage 

A combination of Thai Massage with Clinical Massage, this deep-tissue massage will help relieve mechanical issues of the body, joint tension, mobility and nerve impairments, muscles and ligaments imbalances, based on the neurological and musculoskeletal systems.

Therapeutic Thai Massage for Stroke Recovery 

The onset of stroke may cause symptoms such as sensorimotor loss on one side of the body, weakness of muscles, cognitive dysfunction, communicative disorders and visual disturbances. Although massage does not directly reverse stroke pathology, massage will help to:

  • Reduce Stress and Depression due to increased relaxation
  • Improve blood circulation to facilitate the healing process and blood flow to affected areas
  • Provide normal input and orientation of body positions
  • Reduce shortening and tightness of muscles
  • Promote healthy muscle tone and preserve functions of the muscles
  • Improve the quality of life of the stroke patient

Orthopaedic Massage 

Incorporating a variety of active and passive soft tissue manipulation methods such as myofascial release and muscle energy technique for the treatment of common pain and injuries to the muscles, joints and ligaments. Orthopaedic massage is rehabilitative to normalize soft tissue dysfunctions, to improve flexibility, and to restore proper movement patterns. 

Sports Massage (Pre or Post) 

Sports Massage will help restore myofascial and joints optimal positions and biomechanical functions to prevent future injuries and to promote optimal performance. It will help facilitate recovery of the muscles, to increase blood flow and circulation, and to increase range of motion to joints.

Swedish Massage 

Swedish Massage will help increase blood flow and lymph flow to promote healing and relaxation. 5 classical-movements massage with medium pressure combined with essential oils. It is relaxing and gentle on the body, which helps loosen tight muscles using kneading techniques and long massage strokes.

Aromatherapy Massage 

Aromatherapy Massage involves dropping essential oils directly onto the spine and using light, long strokes with the fingers to massage and stimulate impulses, to reduce spinal inflammation, to mitigate viruses that are along the spinal column away from it, and to help straighten spinal curvatures. Essential oils used are:

  • Thyme: Helps support immune system
  • Cypress: Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties
  • Birch: Helps remove discomfort associated with muscle and joint inflammation
  • Basil: Helps relax spastic muscles and stimulates adrenal cortex
  • Peppermint: Helps calm nerves, reduce inflammation, supports respiratory system
  • Marjoram: Relax spastic muscles, relieves cramps, relieves aches and pain


Massage services can be 60 minutes , 90 minutes or 120 minutes.

Complimentary Hot Stone Therapy, Cupping, Facial Massage and Head Relaxation Massage will be included with 90 minutes or 120 minutes massage.