Foundations of Thai Massage: Level I

The Foundations of Thai Massage: Level I builds a strong foundation for students the knowledge of ancient Thai massage positions. 

The curriculum covers the entire body - a total of 160 positions plus a full day of 2 hour full body massage training.

Thai Massage Enhancement: Level II

Thai Massage Enhancement: Level II is to reinforce and improve the foundations learnt from Level I. Stretching and 12 variation techniques is added to this course.

Therapeutic Thai Massage: Level III

Therapeutic Thai Massage: Level III covers how to solve different ailments such as lumbar pain, whiplash conditions due to motor vehicle accidents, neck and shoulder tension, rotator cuff injuries, thoracic outlet syndrome, knee conditions such as patellofemoral syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis and various other ailments. 

You will learn each pressure point (acupressure points) and how to apply them with massage. Therapeutic massage is applied together with the massage techniques learned from Level 1 and 2. This class includes massage planning to apply to different ailments and practice to provide therapeutic massage.

Thai Table Massage

Thai Table Massage is the most practical Thai massage for people who prefer to work with a massage table. The purpose is to suit the physical demands and work space of some practitioners and it is also applicable to beginners as well. Practice on western style massage table with adjustable height for effective massage and body posture.

Thai Chair (Seated) Massage

Thai Chair Massage is suitable for most interested learner with or without experience in Thai Massage. This course will guide students on how to perform back massage on a massage chair and on a regular chair position. Massage of shoulders, neck, head, arms and hands are also added. This technique enables students to perform massage in most places with little set up required. 

Thai Foot Reflexology

Thai Foot Reflexology is suitable for all learners. You will learn a short sessions in legs, hands, arms, and shoulder massage in the course. The training is less physically demanding than body massage and are suitable to most people.